Now, I Am Here


I tryed this exercise the other day and been doing it since. It’s helped me with moving forward until I finish what I’m working on, I’ll tell myself “NOW, I AM HERE! This makes you see the progress you’ve done and you will want to keep going until you accomplish it.

Try this exercise say:

“Now, I’m here. Now, I am here. Now, I am here. NOW, I AM HERE!”

Everytime you remember during the day say it. You will realize that you’re not the same person from two minutes ago because you just realized you can’t change what happened two minutes ago and that you have made progress from two minutes ago.

Believe in your “Now, I am HERE” feel it and live the moment. The past cannot be changed, live your present and be present, the future will manifest itself for us.

Be grateful for your NOW, I am Here. Gather your thoughts and let everything go. Nothing is as important as your Now, I am here moment.

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