Be Grateful and See The Change

Let’s start by being grateful each morning and each night because when we are grateful we start to see that the universe will give us more things and situations to be grateful for. When we are grateful we as a person start to change, we feel better, we start to want to look better and we don’t let little things or situations bother us. We learn to deal with them and we learn to see the positivity in that negative situation. We need to unlearn what we have learned and learn again, in the positive way.

Try this exercise say:

“Now, I’m here, but concentrate. Now, I am here. Now, I am here. NOW, I AM HERE!” you realize that you’re not the same person from two minutes ago because you just realized that you learn something and now you are here. It’s kind of like when your yard has a lot of weeds and looks dirty. You start to clean them up and when your all done, you look at that nice clean yard and you tell yourself NOW, I AM HERE…. Do you see how you changed something from start to finish, but most important is the way you feel at the end. You feel happy, you feel like you accomplish something for the better.

Your “Now, I am HERE” is what matters. The past cannot be changed, our present live it and be present, and the future will manifest itself for us it will unfold.

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