Teachers are Extraordinary

Teachers are warmhearted and giving human beans, they give their time and knowledge to our kids. They get up each morning just like everyone else but they are not ordinary people they are extraordinary. They come to work with a smile even though they are humans and have a million problems of their own. This task requires extraordinary patience and endurance, not all of us have that gift.

Sometimes we don’t take the time to give a simple “thank you.” I’m sure at times they breakdown and feel if it’s worth the effort. I’m sure if we once in a while we showed appreciation, on their bad days our words and act of appreciation would come to their mind. Even just a “I’m grateful for everything you teach my kid.” These are the things that lift their spirit and it keeps them moving foward. They know that we as parents appreciate their time and acknowledge their work.

Our kids are the future of the world. Thanks to every teacher in every corner of the world our kids will have a chance to leave their handprint behind.

Tip 1: Teachers had many career choices and they chose to be a teacher.

Tip 2: Never take them for granted. They leave their own kids to come to school and teach our kids getting them ready for the near future.

Tip 3: A happy teacher is a awesome teacher.

Remember teachers are magical people. They have the super power of teaching our kids math, science, reading, art and many other subjects. Teachers change the world one kid at a time.

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