Have You Gotten Side Tracked?



Somehow I lost myself, I lost the vision I had and I became stuck and couldn’t write. I started to think that no one was interested in my blogs but then I thought to myself “I have not gave my readers the opportunity to read my crazy, funny, sad, or reflecting blogs. I prayed and asked God to please H.E.L.P. me and guide me through this stage,” and Now, I AM HERE.

When I first started to write my blog I knew what I wanted, but along the way I become distracted and lost my vision. Sorry. The purpose of my blog was to reach different types of audiences like house wives not the Orange County or The House Wives of Atlanta just simple everyday house wives like myself, the busy soccer moms and dads, the volunteer moms and dads, anyone and everyone that could relate to my writing and say “Wow I’m not the only one to feel like that.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if Orange County House Wives and the rest read my blogs, but the readers I really want to reach is people that don’t pretend to be perfect with prefect lives and zero issues. I truly don’t have anything against that but I think such lives don’t exist “Life Happens to All of Us.” What I mean is that life comes with different issues like death, divorce, health issues, personal issues, kid’s issues, domestic violence, financial problems, work problems, etc. and we all have those moments sometime in our lives. This does not mean that we can’t live perfect moments and create perfect memories to last us forever.

I want to apologize to all of my readers that always come into my blog and check for any new blogs. Like, I mentioned before I was in a stuck stage and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write.

I needed to sit back and recall my WHY, MY VISION and what I can offer to my readers. I guess you can say life just happened to me. Hahaha. Now, I am here and will continue to offer my audience the opportunity to read my blogs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my readers that take time to leave me a message, feedback and that have bookmarked my website, I really appreciate that. I will continue to post new blogs every Tuesday please stay tuned in for future blogs.

TODAY’S TIP: Remember when you feel stuck on a project, work, writing, as a wife/husband, as a mom/dad, in anything situation, always remember your why and your vision. Also, what have you done to get to this point in your life? Recalling your why and your vision will be super important because it will refresh your goal.

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