Halloween is Here!!!

My favorite holiday is finally here, I love Halloween. I really like that their is no rules for perfection the decor can be worn, scary and torn apart. The older and worn it looks the better. My neighbor and I have worked together for the past 4 years in decorating and celebrating Halloween. This year we decided to do the front yard of her house in different sections there is a cemetery, zombie’s area, witches area, pumpkin patch, and skeleton area. The big bonus will be me as a dead bride sitting down in the middle of the yard and as people walk through the yard I’ll get up and scare them. My daughter and my neighbor are deciding where to stand and what to do.

This year my daughter, my neighbor and I started to do face painting since mid-September, we were undecisive about how we wanted our look. Halloween is finally here and I finally made up my mind on my look, I really loved it. I have my dead bride dress, head piece and my makeup is ready to go. Like, I mentioned before Halloween is about being anything you want to be or it can be messy makeup, scary masks and creepy things. I’m so ready for Halloween Day.

ESM’s world wishes you a “Happy Halloween.”

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