Welcome to Memory Lane

Today, as I drove around town a memory came to me. Before you knew it I found myself smiling.

I saw a 1996 Mercury Sable LS Wagon, instantly I thought of my sister. (FYI: My sister passed away 9 years ago.)

In early 1997, my sister worked for a insurance company and was a mother of two beautiful girls. My sister was a wild child, a free spirit and she was full of life. On Friday nights she liked going out to a local clubs to have a drink and dance.

One night my dad didn’t want to lend my sister his Sable station wagon, so I asked her “if I hide the keys will you take me out with you.” She looked at me and said “No you wouldn’t do that .” So I asked her again looking at her dead in the eye “if I hide the keys will you take me out with you?” She said “yes I will, but if you get in trouble I don’t want part of it.” I responded “OK I’ll take my changes.” I went into the kitchen and took his car keys. I heard foot steps coming so I ran to the room, a minute later my dad walked into the room and asked us “where are the car keys?” I answered we don’t know maybe in the kitchen counter. He looked and pointed his finger at my sister and said “you better not take my car.” I looked at him and said “I’m not going anywhere and my sister said my friend is coming to pick me up.” He walked out of the room and headed to bed.

We got dressed and we were looking like my hubby says “Fabuuuuu….” We had on mini dresses and heels. I’m thinking hell yeah I’m about to go clubbing let’s get in the car and go. Nope that was far from the truth. My sister said “I’m going to put it on neutral and we’re going to push this bad boy to the corner then starting the engine.” I thought to myself, “we are in mini dresses and heels what the hell?” I didn’t say anything to her but I sure thought it. We both pushed the station wagon to the corner, turned on the engine and on our way we went.

We got to the club and parked in the last corner parking space I told my sister girl “girl park closer” she said “were driving a station wagon and dressed as if we should be driving a 1997 Mustang.” I personally didn’t care it took of been a Pinto I was excited this was my first experience at a club. All I could think was man oh man this is going to be FUN! We’re at the door and my sister said “give him your ID.” I looked at her, now I’m scared cuz I’m not 21 she winked at me and said “we’re going to have fun.” The security guard looked at me and said enjoy yourself, first timer. (FYI: He had a crush on my sister that’s why that went smooth.) I’m sure a few of you have that type of magic. As I’m walking in the club I’m hearing the music and I’m feeling the beat, all I was thinking was “I’m gonna dance until my feet give up.” I’ve loved music since a young age and I have always loved to dance. That night was super fun we danced the night away, oh I almost forgot to mention I also won $500 dollars in the dance competition that night. (FYI: No stripping it was a dance battle.) I was so excited I told my sister girl bring me back next Friday, so I can beat everyone in the dancing competition again. We can take home another $500 dollars. Lol. The time flew by that night we looked at the clock and it was time to head home because our dad was getting up in 30 minutes to go to work.

We got home safely and placed the keys on the kitchen counter. We went off to bed and talked about the amazing night we had. I still remember my sister saying “your the person that I’ve had more fun with in one night.” That put the cherry on top of that amazing night because boy o boy she had so many friends, she was a chatterbox. That was a night I will never forget and always cherish because she’s no longer here with us but she will live in our hearts until the day we see each other again.

Tip 1: Live the moment and make yourself happy.

Tip 2: Remember time passes and if we never make memories what will we talk about or smile about at an old age.

Tip 3: Don’t take time or people for granted because they can move away, pass away, or everyday life gets in way.

Keywords are: MAKE MEMORIES!!!

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