Ever Wondered?

Ever wondered from time to time about your parenting skills? I’m sure everyone of us has at some point in our life. If we’ve had a bad day at work, were probably feeling stressed out, frustrated or mad. The last thing we want to hear is that our kid got in trouble at school. We as parents tend to overreact on bad days yelling is the easiest action we can have, but the reaction of our action can cause our kids to shut down. Is that healthy? Of course not friends, our kids might not understand exactly what they did wrong. Here I will leave you with a few of my personal tips hoping they will be helpful. Remember don’t be explosive.

Tip 1: Take time for yourself relax and calm down before having the conversation of what happened at school.

Tip 2: Ask your child “what happened?”

Tip 3: Simply listen. Most of the time we have the tendency to speak before listening to their story from beginning to end.

Tip 4: Explain the different choices he or she could have made and avoid getting into trouble.

Tip 5: Conversation is the fundamental key to any healthy relationship. Let your kid know they count with your support.

Tip 6: Don’t overreact, when we overreact our kids are more likely to hide things from us. They tend to shut us out because they know our reaction.

Tip 7:  Quality time with our kids also make healthier relationships.

Tip 8: Making a lifetime memory in fifteen minutes with our kids is more important than all of their material things we can offer them.

Tip 9: Even if our kids never ask us to spend time with them doesn’t mean they don’t wish we would. (Get off your social media, phone, computer or tablet, those things will always be there). Our kids will be kids temporarily because eventually they will grow up and leave our side.

Tip 10: Let’s stop for a minute, and see our priorities. We say family first but saying it and actually doing it are two completely different things.

Tip 11: Be involved at all times.

Little piece of ESM’s Advice: Enjoy your kids they don’t stay little forever. Remember the day will come they won’t need mom or dad, they will hit adulthood right before our eyes.

Thanks for coming into ESM’s world, my world. Have a great day/night.

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