King of NYC

It seemed as if the whole world was in suspense for the sentencing of Tekashi6ix9ine. I had a very positive feeling about this sentencing, I read my tarot cards and they revealed NO jail time for Tekashi6ix9ine. He will have to continue doing great things for the communities and be a role model for younger generations.

Tekashi6ix9ine went to a NYC court on Oct. 26, 2018 to get his sentence, and the judge gave him 4 years probation. Which is exactly what the rapper’s team had requested. The courtroom, was packed with his entourage as the judge heard the verdict his team cheered with happiness.

The judge gave him credit for one year, so he effectively only has 3 years of probation left. He’ll also have to perform 1,000 hours of community service, and refrain from associating with any gang members and avoid all gang activity. I’m happy with the court’s decision.

I’m a mother and truly believe that we as parents need to be on top of our kids but mainly when they are girls. We should teach them that we are treated as we carry our selfs. If we as woman respect ourself, our sexuality, our attitudes, our actions then people around us will have no choice but to respect us. Now if your a 13 year old girl you should most definitely not be out and about in the streets. I personally think her mom should be put on the spot for her daughter being out so late and for not knowing where and with who her daughter was with. Her mom should be facing charges for child endangerment. I know putting the video online was not right, but he was not engaging in any type of sexual practice with this little girl.

I have a 18 year old kid and trust me when I say kids at that age they don’t think of their actions until its too late. Unless your a mom like me I will tell my kids the choices they have and the consequences that come with that. From what I’ve seen Daniel has no type of role model or any type of parental support in the area of rules. I feel like his mother was always working hard to keep a roof over their head and keep food on the table.

Communication is fundamental in teaching our kids see how actions have consequences and we all need to accept what comes with our actions.

I feel like Tekashi6ix9ine has paid for what he did. He has accepted what he did was wrong and he has made it known that he didn’t know the age of the little girl. I feel like all of the media wishes to see him down and their so critical in seeing all of his flaws but what about all the good he does for the communities, cancer patients, kids and schools.

Tekashi6ix9ine congratulations. I’m glad that the system played fair and your family still has you by their side.

ESM’s world wishes you, “Best of luck keep making hits and dropping jaws.”

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