Jose Avila, El Pelon Avila and Avila Music Dropping Jaws Nationwide and Internationally


Jose Avila or @elpelonavila is the owner of a booking company called “Avila Music,” he does booking for regional mexican music. He was presented with an opportunity to book some dates for 6ix9ine, this was the opportunity he had been waiting for. It came at the perfect moment because there was a networking event in Las Vegas.

El Pelon Avila put a team together to go and represent 6ix9ine. Avila Music ordered hats and shirts for the staff that would be helping out at the networking event. It was important to represent 6ix9ine as best as possible. I was invited to be the part of the team, it was my pleasure to join them. I thought Avila Music did an awesome job because when people looked at us they knew right away we were representing 6ix9ine. I’m 100% sure we out shined every single person in the room and I’m sure our team was the talk of the night.

Our goal was simply to go and sell the available dates for 6ix9ine. I have to admit our team was well maintained, organized and ready to work. Promoters at the networking event wanted to talk to Mr. Avila whether it was to ask questions regarding the available dates and cost f or just to know how he was able to get the available dates. (Point blank they were being nosy.) Mr. Avila was there to make business and close out the deals and the other promoters were there just bluffing. I would say 98% of the promoters there, the two nights were all talk and no action.

Our team was happy with the work we put in and how we represented 6ix9ine. All 98% of the promoters doubted Avila Music and talked about us offering fake booking dates but actions speak louder than words. 6ix9ine is happy to work with Jose Avila owner of Avila Music. (As you can see on the picture and video above.) I love how all 98% of the promoter’s jaws dropped when they seen that 6ix9ine fired everyone but Jose Avila @elpelonavila with Avila Music.

Now what? I don’t hear all of you mumbling and spreading all of the lies you heard from someone else. I have to tell all the 98% of those doubters “Never talk to talk or judge without knowing the truth, because at the end of the day the only people that looked stoopid were yourselves.” I see Mr. Avila and 6ix9ine, excited to work together and make big things happen.

Tekashi6ix9ine can trust this man. Now it’s time you go work and make your own grind happen. 6ix9ine is just getting started take a seat and watch these two Worlds become one.

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